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Make Money Taking Pictures Of Cars
There are lots of ways to make money with your camera. Did you know you can make money taking pictures of cars? It is really easy, no competition and you can make $100  over and over again.
In this video, I cover how to work with used car dealers and how to make money taking pictures of cars on their lot. You simply grab your camera and go to the local used car dealers in your area and take pictures of the cars they have for sale. Post the pictures and descriptions of the cars online on sites like craigslist and FB marketplace along with local buy-sell groups and when someone contacts you about a vehicle you have listed you just set them up with a salesman from the dealership and when they buy the car you get paid $100
making money from doing a car shoot
The more vehicles you take pictures of the more opportunity you have of someone buying one of your listings.
There is no competition, you can work on your own schedule and every used car dealer will be more than happy to work with you.
Be sure to take a notebook with you so you can write down the Make and model of the vehicle.
The color
The yearT
he mileage
The features like
Cloth or leather interior.Automatic or standard, sunroof, 3rd-row seating, tow package, bed liner, etc.The more information you have for your listing the better.
Make money taking pictures of cars is just one method of making money with your camera that I am going to share with you so be sure to subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell so you don't miss any of the real ways to make money with your camera I am going to be teaching you.